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BARRISTER VISHWANATH (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ )

BARRISTER VISHWANTH (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ )
Writer(s) - Raja & Mahendra Mittal
Illustrator(s) - Jaiprakash Jagtap & Dilip Kadam

Barrister Vishwanath is introduced as the only son of the famous government advocate Mr. Pratapnath who practices at Biharipur. Vishwanath studies law from England and returned to India to associate his father with his cases, thus gradually aquiring the skills of a successful lawyer. 

But to his surprise he found that his father gives money more value over the justice. In his short-lived life in the Raj Comics Universe he fought for the truth and defenseless, even against his own father.

A great down-to-earth character amidst the superhero forces of the Raj Comics. Though the character enjoyed very short life, he is now an admired character of the publication.

बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ का परिचय सरकारी वकील प्रतापनाथ के इकलौते पुत्र के रूप में दिया गया है, जो की बिहारीपुर में वकालत करते हैं. विश्वनाथ ने क़ानून की पढाई इंग्लैंड में की और अपने पिता के कार्यों में हाथ बताने के उद्देश्य से वह भारत वापस आया, जिससे वह एक सफल वकील के कौशल अपने पिता से सीख सके. 

परन्तु उसे तब आश्चर्य हुआ जब उसने पाया की प्रतापनाथ केवल पैसों को महत्व देते हैं न्याय से उनका कोई वास्ता नहीं है. तब विश्वनाथ ने सत्य, न्याय तथा पीड़ितों की मदद करने का फैसला लिया, इसके लिए वह अपने पिता के खिलाफ भी अदालत में जा खड़ा हुआ.

राज कामिक्स के सुपर-हीरोस के बीच एक साधारण सा यह चरित्र, भले ही बहुत अधिक कॉमिक्स में ना आया हो, परन्तु कॉमिक्स के चाहने वालों के बीच यह चरित्र प्रशंसनीय है. 

Barrister Vishwanath only had only four comics published at total. They are -
बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ के केवल ४ ही कॉमिक्स प्रकाशित हुए थे, राज कॉमिक्स में. वे हैं...

Serial 117 - Barrister Vishwanath (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ)
Serial 118 - Insaaf ki Laathi (इन्साफ की लाठी)
Serial 126 - Khooni Kaun (खूनी कौन)
Serial 152 - Gold Medal (गोल्ड मेडल)


kuldeepjain said...

good post.. by that time my inclination had turned toward novel and i felt that this character viswanth was drawn to match with popular novel character like keshav pandit, vinay prabhakar.

the story of all Viswanat comic was always good. but Anupam sad part is even we had such a rich comic culture we were not able to produce any character which has global appeal like tintin, spideman or Astrix..

No more love for Life said...

Hi Anupam,

I read this comics of Vishwanath first time on your portal..and i agree with Kuldeep that this is the character from Novels..anyway story was nice but i could not read the second part of the comics as i could not found it anywhere.......
Pls update about the availibility of its concluding part...
And again thanks a lot my dear to provide such a supe comics....



baljeet sandhu said...

HI,i just want to talk about the character "Gamraj" of Raj Comics which still exist as Raj Comics is still going strong.But does anyone knows that Gamraj is actually a creation of "king Comics".I have the very first comic of Gamraj(published by king comics) where it is shown how he meets Yumraj and how Gamraj became son of Yamraj .It also shows how he meet his best friend Shanklu.