Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is the FINAL installment from my side atleast for NOW. I have put every title I know in these 3 lists. Till now I have provided 190+ Titles. Now its all in your hands only  so Please  provide whatever you have. possibly with serial number of the comics. 

101 Nanaji aur Do Lalachi Nanaji नानाजी
102 Bauna Maharaj Misc. विविध
103 Pret Ka Pratishodh Misc. विविध
104 Lal Bujhakkad aur Bakra Chor Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
105 Nanaji Ka Dangal Nanaji नानाजी
106 Cheepu Olympic Mein Cheepu चीपू
107 Guru Dakshina Misc. विविध
108 Murkh Samrat Misc. विविध
109 Nanaji aur Hathi Mehmaan Nanaji नानाजी
110 Devvrata Ka Janm Misc. विविध
111 Tiger aur Kaanpti Dharti Tiger टाईगर
112 Nyayadhish Misc. विविध
113 Nanaji aur Ghamandi Seth Nanaji नानाजी
114 Tiger aur Paatal Ki Shehjadi Tiger टाईगर
115 Bhishm Pratigya Misc. विविध
116 Lal Bujhakkad aur Saanp Ka Nyaay Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
117 Nanaji aur Apharan Karta Nanaji नानाजी
118 Tiger aur Kaala Pahaad Tiger टाईगर
119 Daanav Aniti aur Bhishm Misc. विविध
120 Lal Bujhakkad aur Bandar Raja Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
211 Nanaji aur Jaal Saaj Nanaji नानाजी
212 Tiger aur Zebra Tiger टाईगर
213 Lal Bujhakkad aur Kaala Chor Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
214 Samay Ka Chakkar Misc. विविध
215 Raja-Rana aur Desh Ka Saudagar Misc. विविध
216 Vishwashghati Misc. विविध
217 Nanaji aur Lalach Ke Putle Nanaji नानाजी
218 Tiger aur Jaadui Ladki Tiger टाईगर
219 Lal Bujhakkad aur Chalak Budiya Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
220 Natku-Jhatku v Haathi Ke Vyapari Misc. विविध
221 Do Raakumar Misc. विविध
222 Vafadaar Naukar Misc. विविध
223 Nanaji aur Kanoon Ke Rakshak Nanaji नानाजी
224 Tiger aur Khooni Khopdi Tiger टाईगर
225 Lal Bujhakkad aur Bolta Pakshi Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
226 Romu aur Kankalon Ka Takrav Misc. विविध
227 Jaadui Thaili Misc. विविध
228 Sachchi Saja Misc. विविध
229 Nanaji aur Bhrashtachaar Nanaji नानाजी
230 Tiger aur Gas Kaand Tiger टाईगर
231 Lal Bujhakkad aur Daani Raja Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
232 Sachcha Veer Misc. विविध
233 Ulta Daanv Misc. विविध
234 Chaubey Ji Ki Daavat Misc. विविध
235 Nanaji aur Meeta Zehar Nanaji नानाजी
236 Tiger Africa Mein Tiger टाईगर
237 Lal Bujhakkad Ka Naukar Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
238 Yogy Raja Misc. विविध
239 Shrikrishna aur Sudama Misc. विविध
240 Jaadugar Pasha aur Do Thag Misc. विविध
241 Nanaji aur Tilismi Lighter Nanaji नानाजी
242 Tiger Ka Insaaf Tiger टाईगर
243 Lal Bujhakkad aur Ganga Raam Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
244 Maa Ka Tyaag Misc. विविध
245 Rani Padmavati Misc. विविध
246 Taqdeer aur Tadbeer Misc. विविध
247 Nanaji aur Samudri Rakshash Nanaji नानाजी
248 Tiger aur Heeron Ki Chhadi Tiger टाईगर
249 Lal Bujhakkad aur Paaras Patthar Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
250 Mahamantri Ka Balidaan Misc. विविध
251 Andher Nagari Misc. विविध
252 Rajdrohi Misc. विविध
277 Nanaji aur Hara Gubbara Nanaji नानाजी
278 Tiger aur Khoonkhar Sherni Tiger टाईगर
279 Lal Bujhakkad aur Jahreela Saanp Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
280 Ayodhya Kaand Misc. विविध
281 Vanvasi Misc. विविध
282 Upkar Ka Badla Misc. विविध
283 Nanaji aur Vishaili Gas Nanaji नानाजी
284 Tiger aur Bhayanak Lutere Tiger टाईगर
285 Lal Bujhakkad aur Inaami Chor Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
286 Seeta Haran Misc. विविध
287 Chhadi Wala Rakshash Misc. विविध
288 Janm Kundli Ka Chakkar Misc. विविध
289 Nanaji Ke Ghar Mein Chor Nanaji नानाजी
290 Tiger aur Jairaam Tiger टाईगर
291 Lal Bujhakkad Ka Gadha Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
292 Sunder Kaand Misc. विविध
293 Ek Se Badhkar Ek Misc. विविध
294 Vidrohi Raajkumar Misc. विविध
295 Nanaji aur House Tax Nanaji नानाजी
296 Tiger aur Black Force Tiger टाईगर
297 Lal Bujhakkad aur Ichchhadhari Saanp Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
298 Lakshman Murchha Misc. विविध
299 Bandar Bana Rajkumar Misc. विविध
300 Bolne Wala Tota Misc. विविध
301 Nanaji aur Pariksha Ke Saudagar Nanaji नानाजी
302 Tiger aur Chhupa Rustam Tiger टाईगर
303 Lal Bujhakkad aur Tantrik Baba Lal Bujhakkad लाल बुझक्कड़
304 Raavan Sanhar Misc. विविध
305 Botle Mein Raajkumari Misc. विविध
306 Dongi Saadhu Misc. विविध


sagar said...

anupam pls check your mail i have sent first comic list name of nutan chitra katha published in 1981 approx 400nutan comics 1984 approx 250

sagar said...

iam providing you again pls c your e address. prabhat chitra katha was published in 1982 approx max 450 comics were released.
first set 1. nanaji aur jadoogar hasan 2.nahale pe dahala 3.sone ka jungle 4.sunhari gulab 5.nanaji aur bank lootere 6.sunhari batakh 7. hatyara zamidaar 8.pani ka danav

Anupam said...

Sagar - Not having words to say thanks brother. Do check 2 mails I have sent to you.

Please be close to the ICE Project. I really need a lot of help.

Ajay - Thanks a lot Sir. You have sent someone I have been waiting for so long for the ICE Project.

sagar said...

thanks ajay sir n anupam bhai for making dream project ice project iam always with all people who loves comic but specially greatful to scan master mr. ajay sir, and project master mr. anupam bhai.

with in 5 days i will provide all name list of nutan chitra katha/ comics n tomorrow i will complete your name list of prabhat and


sagar said...

anupam bhai,pls check your mail
next time i will colplete all your desire give me some break for my official work thanks

Rafiq Raja said...

This list is growing every day, thanks to Anupam for starting the project, and for Ajay and Sagar to bring all the more additions to it.

Go go guys.