Saturday, December 11, 2010


This week I received some rare comics from Mr. Ajay Misra Sir. In these comics I found two comics of another rare publication - Tan Man Comics. Before this I had only saw one cover image of the talked publication.

Meanwhile I am presenting before you the information which can be derived from the comic books -

Tan Man Comics was a comic venture of the Laxmi Prakashan , Ghia Mandi, Mathura. The published comics were distributed by the mighty India Book House (the name behind Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha). The publication was in function around the early 1980s.

Till now I have found the only character published in Tan Man Comics was the famous 'Hatim' from the tales of Arabian Mythology

In publisher's own word -
"Drawn from Arabian Mythology rather untoched hitherto the character is symbol of boldness, truthfulness and kindness" -
Hatim in Fairy Land (The first issue of Hatim)

The comics were in big size or giant format with just 20 pages. Priced at Rs. 3/- to 4/- the comics were only printed in English (other language options may be available)

I have come to known 8 titles of this great series and publication. Here is the list -
(The serial started with #101 (and not from #001)

#101 - Hatim in Fairyland
#102 - Hatim and the Big Demon
#103 - Hatim Killed the Wicked Magicians
#104 - Hatim and the Cruel Queen
#105 - Hatim in Wonderland
#106 - Hatim and the Jewel Thieves
#107 - Hatim Rescues the Princess
#108 - Hatim and the Cannibal

Tan Man Comics - Hatim Gallary - 


Please add to the details -
Anupam Agrawal (For ICE Project)


Comic World said...

Anupam Bro gr8 find,its nice to see a another name in Indian comic database.

akfunworld said...

As all of your article this is also very good. I have read the article just half an hour after you published this but couldn't comment because my connection wasn't responding to comment option. So keep up your great work.

soumo1989 said...

Brilliant find this Tan Man comic. This blog has been my most prized find. Thanks a lot Anupam for creating a database for all Indian indigenous comics publishers. Love to see this blog and database grow. Keep on updating please. Has been an amazing find. Kudos to all your hard work.