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Fort comics was again a failure attempt to break into the comics world by the Book Fort, like many publication houses. The comic venture which started somewhere in the mid 90s ended very soon without much trace and recognition.

The Failure - 
The prime reasons for the doom was the uninspiring stories, characters and illustrations. Throughout their run the Fort Comics tried hard to find a single successful character, but failed to do so. In their short run of less than 100 comics, they have introduced more than a dozen characters or series. They also tried to allure the comics lovers by shipping various gifts on the purchase of the whole set, but because of the low quality of their comics and the comic market flooded with various choices, it never worked for them.

Various Comics Publishing Lines - 
The even went a step ahead by starting two altogether different publishing lines apart from the regular ones –
[1] Fort Educational Comics, which they called ‘Education Thru Comic Project’ which ended with just one title published.
[2] Fort Love Series – Tried to capture the teenage readers, but again the attempt met a dismal future and the series too ended very soon with about 8 known titles published. 

Publisher’s Address –
Book Fort
106-E, P.O.Box – 2162
Kamla Nagar, Delhi – 07

Distributed By –
Vishal Pustak Bhandar
4449, Nai Sadak, Delhi – 06

Language – Hindi only
Format – General Size 32 Colour Pages for normal issues
            General Size 64 (Around) Colour Pages for Maha Digest issues
Frequency – Published as a Monthly set with 6-8 comics per set.
Pricing - Rs. 7.00 (for General Issues) & Rs. 15.00 (For Maha Digest Issues)

Various Monos - 
Fort Comics started with the round mono which was there for the first 5 sets, then they changed it to the more conventional rectangle type mono from the 6th set.
Used from 1st to 5th Sets
From 6th Set

Fort Love Series Mono
Fort Educational Series Comics Mono

Fort Cover Gallory

Images used with thanks to - Manoj Pandey, Fenil, Mohit and Others...

Fort Comics List Download
Fort Comics List (Near Complete)  *Courtesy - Fenil and Mohit Bro.

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